Thanks to Eurostar Global, BlackBelt Smartphone Defence, Tech SI & WJD Repair for being this year's main Mobile News XPO sponsors.

Our sponsorship opportunities are designed to meet our partners' marketing goals and give top brand exposure. The Mobile News XPO will attract the UK and international visitors ready to respond to organisations who can help them add value and increase revenue, A Mobile News XPO sponsorship is an effective creative answer to your channel marketing needs. For more information about becoming a sponsor visit the sponsorship page or contact us directly.

 eurostar sponsor

Eurostar Global is one of the UK’s leading Independent, UK and International mobile phone distributors, supplying tailored services to vendors and tailored products to its customers. Eurostar Global is a growing SME with big ideas. It promotes, distributes and supports leading manufacturer brands of wireless consumer electronics and accessories in the UK and internationally. The business has the market expertise and bespoke fat-free infrastructure for the fulfilment, logistics, product technologies, international markets, supply chain management, risk management, FX, product handling and warehousing logistics.



 blackbelt sponsor

BlackBelt was founded in 2004, originally to address the need for mobile security software. It has developed solutions aimed at the recycler and value recovery community. BlackBelt mobile device data erasing solution ensures that any handsets or tablets are wiped clear as quickly and effectively as possible. All data is permanently removed. Blackbelt's Windows-based software provides an easy-to-learn-and-use mobile device analysis platform for workstation operators in any smart device processing environment. Automatically collecting device data, then guides the operator through a series of standard tests, records the results and outputs a report in industry-standard XML for integration with existing Management Information and Quality Control systems. BlackBelt solutions improve operator productivity, increase accuracy, reduce costs, generate valuable management data and provide a clear repair/refurbishment audit trail and reduce the incidence of non-viable phones or tablets being processed and data wiped.



tech si sponsor 

Tech SI has established itself as a leading refurbisher and distributor of second user and customer returned mobility devices.  We're located in Burntwood, Staffordshire and employ a team of over 80 experienced purchasing, sales, technical and logistics professionals. Tech SI enjoys close relationships with many of the UK’s tier one technology retailers, distributors, manufacturers and networks.  We help maximise revenues for their trade-in and returned goods, and each year we successfully assist our clients to clear hundreds of thousands of mobile devices. 

We provide a complete logistics, refurbishment, repair, redistribution and waste recycling service (courtesy of our parent company, TES). We're planning to meet new customers and suppliers alike.  Whether you're an independent retailer, a network provider or a distributor of mobile devices, please take a moment to say "hello" to us.  

2019 was a tremendous year for Tech SI, so we decided to become a sponsor for the show to help kickstart 2020!  We've got ambitious growth plans for the coming decade, so expect to hear a lot more about Tech SI and our parent company TES soon.



WJD Repairs Ltd is a wholesaler and distributor of Smartphone’s in the UK and Europe. Our product range includes used and refurbished smartphones from all major manufacturers including Apple and Samsung. We have been specialising in the Smartphone market for more than 20 years. During this time we have established a solid reputation for delivering quality products backed by a reliable service.