Seminar Agenda


The Circular Economy - a 1.3 billion-unit opportunity

Second life. Refurbished. Circular.

Whatever you call them, around 1.3 billion phones will reach their first end-of-life in 2022 says analysts CCS Insight. Sales of pre-owned smartphones will accelerate as companies invest in buying devices, refurbishing, recycling and retail activities.

In this free-to-attend symposium leading circular economy experts will discuss the opportunities and pitfalls that lie ahead. This will be an important event for any organisation with a stake in the circular sector.

The session will be moderated by CCS Insight head of channel and supply chain research Simon Bryant.  He has deep knowledge of the sector and this deep dive into circular will be a highlight of Mobile News XPO.


The Panel


Adam Armer

Sales Director



Jon Miller

Group Chief Commercial Officer

Entertainment Magpie

Chris Hill

IT Director



Martijn Van Den Hout

Commercial Director

Nxt2Nu and GTM Europe


James Goddard

Managing Director

MTR Group



Simon Bryant

VP Channel and Supply Chain Research

CCS Insight





The 5G(and 6G) Future


Three billion 5G subscriptions and counting!

Solid growth in 5G subscriptions is expected to continue in to the forseable future, reaching three billion subscriptions by 2025. 5G-Advanced is expected to drive public and private networks starting in 2025 and will require a rethink of how networks are architected, designed and deployed. And Nokia Bell Labs expects 6G to launch commercially by 2030.

To try and make sense of this quantum leap on technology and subscriber numbers we've assembled a stellar panel of the top network experts in 5G and beyond. This will be an essential event for any stakeholders trying to makes sense of a roadmap to 5.5G and beyond.

The session will be moderated by CCS Insight Director of Network Infrastructure Richard Webb who will be guiding the discussion to cover areas such as  5G monetisation, opportunities and challenges. how the ecosystem will develop, and visions for 6G spectrum, services and user cases,. This free-to-attend seminar is sure to be packed out,. REGISTER now (below)



 Colette Jackson

Head of Mobile Forecasting



Ker Anderson

Head of Radio and Performance

Vodafone UK


Sandeep Raithata

Head of Strategy Innovation & 5G

Virgin Media O2 Business

Tristan Runswick

Director of Trading, Three Business




Hamish MacLeod


Mobile UK




Richard Webb

Director Network Infrastructure

CCS Insight